Teddy Tennis is a fantastic new educational programme that inspires children aged 2½ to 6 years to get active and learn to play tennis.

It works by combining music, pictures and teddy bear stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that your child will love.

Teddy Tennis video on YouTube

See Teddy Tennis in action! Click on the image to watch a short video. As you will see the real secret of Teddy Tennis is that it is FUN to do.

"Teddy Tennis: inspiring a generation of young children to get active and to play tennis"

Teddy Tennis e-shop

Teddy Tennis e-shop - my list of stuff

We are delighted to announce the opening of the Teddy Tennis e-shop.

The Teddy Tennis e-shop has a very select range of items including probably the world’s best children’s tennis rackets plus Teddy Tennis balls, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts and some Teddy Tennis music too.

More select items are coming soon so please check in regularly to see what’s new.

Click here to e-shop now.

Teddy Tennis Benefits

The educational benefits Teddy Tennis offers young kids makes it a ‘must do’ programme: Teddy Tennis will…

Smiling cub cadet
  • Teach the essential tennis skills
  • Enhance co-ordination
  • Improve confidence & self-esteem
  • Build essential communication skills and team work
  • Lay the foundations for listening & learning
  • Teaching the concept of sportsmanship and fair play
  • Introduce English language skills
  • Speeds up the learning process

"Teddy Tennis helps establish the basis of a healthy life style for children by making exercise and activity FUN and involving. Once children get the bug for being active, they will want to stay active for good."

Teddy Tennis Music!

Head Ted and the Cub Cadets

You and your kids can enjoy Teddy Tennis songs anytime. There is a choice of over 25 different Teddy Tennis songs that you can download from iTunes by clicking on the album covers and links below. All Teddy Tennis music is performed by Head Ted and the Cub Cadets, and you can listen to samples of the songs or on our audio page.