“Teddy Tennis is a curriculum based Sports Education Programme that inspires children aged 2½ to 6 years to get active and learn to play tennis.

It works by combining Music, Pictures and Teddy Bear Characters into a totally interactive learning adventure that young children love.”

Young children everywhere love playing Teddy Tennis!

Teddy Tennis is taught in pre-schools, nurseries, kindergartens as well as in sports & tennis clubs. Classes normally last 50 minutes and amazingly; even three year olds with an attention span of two minutes will be captivated for the entire lesson!

Teddy Tennis Parents & Children video on YouTube

What makes Teddy Tennis so special is that every lesson uses music, pictures and carefully devised games to inspire children to play…. and they will always want to come back for more.

To find out more please click on the image of the little girl playing Teddy Tennis to see a short (3 minute) video. (The little girl is Andrea Pineda, who earlier in 2016 reached no 3 in the UK at under 12.)


What Makes Teddy Tennis Special?

Teddy Tennis’ curriculum based teaching system has been developed using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) accelerated learning style:

  • Visual Learners are those who learn by looking
  • Auditory Learners are those that learn by listening
  • Kinesthetic Learners are those who learn best through physical activity

Applying the VAK multi-sensory learning approach to teaching has proved to be very effective, particularly for young children so when they play Teddy Tennis, they see it, they hear it, they do it… and they really get it… and they LOVE it too!

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Our Classes

Children's tennis - play Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis Classes are divided into three age groups: 2½ to 3 years; 3 to 4½ years and 4½ to 6 years; each set of classes are tailored to provide progression based on age, ability and experience of the child.

Our classes are taught at nurseries, pre-schools, kindergartens as well as sports and tennis clubs worldwide: to find a location please go to Where to play.

Complementary Teddy Tennis Song

To say a big ‘thank you’ for reading this far on our website and to help encourage you and your children to get into the ‘swing’ of Teddy Tennis, we have released a Teddy Tennis song called "Cub Catchers" for you to download to play and for your children to enjoy.

Download Cub Catchers song

Click on the CD player to access the download in the Teddy Tennis Shop. Add the download to your Shopping Cart as normal – you will not be charged. Once you’ve checked out the download link will appear.

"Teddy Tennis helps establish the basis of a healthy life style for children by making exercise and activity FUN and involving. Once children get the bug for being active, they will want to stay active for good."