Teddy Tennis Coaches WANTED

Do you want to become a Teddy Tennis coach? Teddy Tennis is a great way to complement your current earnings by delivering Teddy Tennis lessons during your off-peak periods. We are actively looking for tennis coaches everywhere who would like to deliver Teddy Tennis lessons to nurseries and day care centers who absolutely love our programme.

Want to know more? Get in touch now on +44 (0)845 643 1173 or +44 (0)1942 824 720. Alternatively you can use our contact form.

In this section we aim to provide current and potential Teddy Tennis coaches with more information about the Teddy Tennis Programme including:

Head Ted instructs the Cub Cadets

In due course we will populate this section with more information that is very relevant to all Teddy Tennis Coaches, worldwide. So if there is nothing here for you today, come back soon!