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Teddy Tennis, the perfect children’s activity program for hotels and resorts worldwide.

Teddy Tennis is the ideal program for all hotels or resorts that are looking for an exciting and engaging sporting activity that will keep young children entertained for hours… and you don’t even need a tennis court!

Happy Cub Cadets

The first hotel chain to adopt Teddy Tennis is Lux* Island Resorts, who primarily operate out of Mauritius. They started providing Teddy Tennis lessons to their younger guests in December 2011. More recently they have produced a video about Teddy Tennis at their hotel chain: Click here to view what they have to say about the programme (in English with French subtitles.)

Children, parents and the resort staff love Teddy Tennis; it captures the children’s imagination, encourages them to get active, helps them develop their social skills and what is more, it will captivated children aged 3, 4 and 5 years for a least one hour of every day of their stay at your resort!

If your hotel or resort is looking for something that is a little different, something that is proven and works and something that young children, no matter what language they speak, will love, then email us or call us on +(44) (0)845 643 1173.