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Teddy Tennis has been a ‘smashing hit’ and the kids can’t get enough of it. The growth and progression of the kids is phenomenal! It gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction to see them move along with their skills and watch their enthusiasm. It is truly fantastic!

Mary Anne Duffus
Brooksfield School, Founder & Executive Director

Teddy Tennis is the perfect activity programme for every pre school and nursery, anywhere.
We can make this claim simply because, almost without exception, every child that plays Teddy Tennis loves it. Three, four and five year olds find Teddy Tennis stimulating, exciting and fun. It encourages them to get active and teaches them the fundamentals of movement, ball and racket skills, making Teddy Tennis an excellent foundation for developing an aptitude for all forms of exercise, not just tennis!

Teddy Tennis is now being taught in pre-schools and nurseries in the UK, USA, Australia, Spain, Slovenia and Egypt; in West London alone over 20 pre-schools have a Teddy Tennis play session at least once a week… and the children love it! At the bottom of this page is a listing of some of the nursery groups where Teddy Tennis is currently taught.

Smiling Teddy Tennis girl

Elizabeth Heath, Headmistress of Ravenstone Preparatory School in London says:

"Since we’ve had Teddy Tennis at my school, the difference that I’ve seen in my pupils, are that they are just so enthusiastic about sport in general. They can see their own skills developing; they love the arrival of Head Ted because they know they’re going to have fun; lots of music while they do their tennis skills, so they just love every minute of it."

Teddy Tennis brings many benefits to pre schools and nurseries and includes:

  • Encourages young children to get active
  • Can be incorporated into other nursery activities e.g. colouring and reading
  • Creates a ‘feel good’ factor for staff, kids and parents
  • Does not need a tennis court, just some playing space, indoors or outdoors
  • Teaches young kids how to play tennis
  • Adds value to the total nursery or crèche offering
  • Kids love Teddy Tennis and provides another reason why they will look forward attending your pre-school or nursery

To find out more about Teddy Tennis and the benefits it brings to nurseries, pre-schools and crèches download the brochures What is Teddy Tennis and Teddy Tennis and Nurseries.

For further information please download the Teddy Tennis Case Study entitled Pre-school wanted a FUN sporting activity to find out why a London pre-school adopted Teddy Tennis.

Introducing Teddy Tennis into your pre-school curriculum will be one of the best decisions you will make this year. Contact us NOW on + (44) (0)845 643 1173 (or email) to find out how we can get Teddy Tennis running in your pre-school.