What the parents say about Teddy Tennis

Since we started the Teddy Tennis programme we have received literally hundreds of accolades and praise from very happy parents. Here are just a few examples:

My young daughter cannot wait to get to her Teddy Tennis Class, it is the highlight of her week!

Sara Faber (mother)
December 2015

Teddy Tennis is really nice, my son is having loads of fun and he really enjoys it. He used to go to other activities but he didn’t like them as much as Teddy Tennis.
Love it!! Recommend it for all Mums 🙂

Marise Dimitry (Mum of child at Dolphin Day Nursery)
Nov 2014

Teddy Tennis was a fantastic way to introduce my 3.5 yr old son to the sport. He absolutely loved it and learnt different skills by copying the moves of a range of teddy bear characters. Each week presented a different tennis move and related song that played on a background DVD that all the mums ended up singing to! He even received a reward sticker at the end of each lesson. I could see his confidence building over the weeks and his teacher Janine was great at practicing his hand and eye co-ordination skills with him. After just 10 weeks he could hit the racket several times with the ball, dribble the ball well and play nicely with the other kids. I would definitely recommend Teddy Tennis to any discerning parent.

Joanne Lappin (Happy mum)
October 2012

Amelie has tried lots of different children’s activities but Teddy Tennis is the first one she actually enjoyed!

We booked her in for a week and she wanted to come back for more sessions. Her co-ordination has improved and she has overcome her shyness and now joins in .


Heather Rickman (mother)
Holland Park, 24 August 2012

Sadly, it seems we’ll be leaving Egypt by the end of April due to my husband’s work requirements, headed for the UAE.

The kids loved Teddy Tennis, Alia came home beaming with her certificate of completion and hung it up in her room 🙂 but poor Khairy was too sick to attend the last session.

Please do keep us posted should you decide to hold any teddy tennis lessons in Dubai.

Cairo, Egypt, 23 March 2012

After just two terms of Teddy Tennis my (just turned) 4yo has a better technique & understanding of tennis than I do. I love that she has such a fine appreciation of a great game at such a young age.

Fiona Maloney
Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted to say how happy we are with your program! Reese LOVES it and I’m so impressed with how the program is run and organized. Thanks for your great work! I’m a teacher myself and do appreciate how difficult it can be to keep 4 year olds organized and you do it so well!


Lita Norman,
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

I just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know what we have decided to do regarding Kai’s tennis this half term.

As you know, Kai has been involved in the tennis lessons at WestWay tennis for the past few months, in fact it was on your recommendation that we took him there. He is doing very well and has been placed in one of the top groups there, playing alongside children 3 or 4 years older than he is.

The coaches keep telling me how impressed they are with his ability and can’t believe that a 5 year old is playing at such a high level. A lot of the coaches there are well aware of what you are doing and think it’s great. I told them you had been working with Kai since he was two and a half and as far as I am concerned it was his foundation in Teddy Tennis that has not only given him his passion for tennis but also the techniques, movement and racquet skills, etc. that are now taking him to the next level.

Having said all this, Kai really misses Teddy Tennis and talks about you and the other coaches all the time. I think he misses all the fun and games at TT. His favourite tennis t-shirt is still his Head Ted one, and he wears it all the time.

You are probably already aware that we have booked Kai in for the half term camp – he is very happy that we haven’t stopped the Teddy Tennis. My wife and I are also very happy as we believe that you still have some of the best coaches around and that the Teddy Tennis lessons are great value.

Amazingly we have also seen a great improvement with Kai at school. We believe that the confidence and level of concentration that you instilled in him through Teddy Tennis has contributed to his performance at school. He is turning out to be a great student with an amazing level of concentration. As you can tell, well are very proud of him (!) and also grateful for the fantastic foundation you have given him, for sports as well as academics.

I hope things are going well with you and TT. I look forward to catching up at half term!!

Keep up the great work!!

Howard Napper

My son Zac loved the Teddy Tennis classes in London, but now we have moved to Singapore and the conventional tennis lessons are just too boring to keep him interested. We miss Teddy Tennis!

Amina Jamil

After just 5 days of Teddy Tennis my daughter Jessica’s racket, ball and co-ordination has improved hugely. A fantastic course that introduces children to the skill and fun of tennis.

Emma Schulte (mother)

Thank you for a great summer of Teddy Tennis. We live in New York and have just spent our vacation in London. We signed our four year old daughter up for four weeks of Teddy Tennis camp and she has LOVED it. She wakes every morning and can’t wait to get to the courts. She sings the songs, she has learnt to catch and to volley and made some friends. The coaches are great fun and very professional. There is nothing like this in Manhattan – we really wish there was.

Suzanne Satow

Teddy Tennis is a fantastic way to help young children learn mobility skills in a fun filled atmosphere. The unique approach with the musical activities adds to the fun, my son Joshua really looks forward to it.

Damian Bruce (father)

Teddy Tennis is a lot of fun for the children
– absolutely lovely

Mother – Beverley Vara

She didn’t like tennis before but she enjoyed her Teddy Tennis. She likes “bouncy” music and catching the balls.

Anastasia Whyatt, (Summer Camp, Danny Group)

Teddy Tennis is light and wonderful, it inspires; my daughter loved every second of it..

Venitia Acuo

My son is almost 4 and loves Teddy Tennis. He even prefers these classes over football. They (Teddy Tennis) have figured out how to motivate kids!

The mum of teddy tennis cub cadet Marie Stevens

What Nurseries and Schools say about Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis at Maple Infants’ School

We were approached by Teddy Tennis in January 2014 when they offered us a free trial session for our Nursery Classes.

Instantly the children were engaged. With clear instructions, actions to follow, music and pictures, activities pitched at just the right level, we decided to book 6 sessions.

Since then we have gone on to hold an after school club, sessions in the three Reception classes and now this years Nursery intake have just begun their sessions. They have continued to deliver an excellent standard of coaching and have supported the teachers in their own CPD and confidence in delivering elements of the lessons. The children who played tennis in the Nursery last academic year are showing great improvement following their sessions this term.

Talk to any of the parents, and as soon as you say Teddy Tennis, the response is always the same ‘ X loves Teddy Tennis!

I must say how impressed we all are at Maple Infants’ with the reliability, punctuality, professionalism and enthusiasm of all the coaches. In particular Josh ‘bear’ who is extremely popular with all the children and staff!

We have no hesitation in recommending Teddy Tennis to any school or Nursery. Please feel free to contact me should you require any more information.

Catherine Ashwell, Reception Class Teacher, PE Subject Leader
December 2014

‘Our Children aged between 3-7 years have all progressed so well with their tennis skills since Teddy Tennis was introduced at Emberhurst.
The Children LOVE Teddy Tennis Days at School and are so excited to get involved in the fun and games that the Teddy Tennis Team have to offer when they come in.
Josh and his team are fantastic with the Children and do a brilliant job at nurturing all ages and supporting all abilities’

Emberhurst School
Autumn 2014

Teddy Tennis is a great class for all our children. Our children as young as 1½ take part in the lesson. The teachers are all very enthusiastic and great with all the ages. They always take the time to help the younger children as they need a little more support and more basic language, with the older children they are not afraid to get involved, run around and join in. A great class for us here at Coombe Day Nursery.

Sam Hunter, Coombe Day Nursery Manager
Nov 2014

It’s been two years since introducing Teddy Tennis to the children at our Nursery, as part of our weekly activities and they absolutely love it!!!! Teddy Tennis is a good way to cover some areas of the EYFS curriculum such as PD & PESD. Our Teddy tennis coaches, Josh and Tommy are very friendly and extremely popular amongst the children, making the teddy tennis session a very enjoyable time of the week!!
I strongly recommend Teddy Tennis if you are looking to offer your children that extra activities, which will boost your image.

Giovanna Hasham, Provider at Green Lane Nursery
November 2014

This is the 3rd year the school has participated in the Teddy Tennis program. The children look forward to Charlie Bear arriving each Friday afternoon and it’s wonderful to hear their enjoyment during the session. Each group is making good progress thanks to the ingenious activities which promote the fundamental tennis skills needed.

Westbury House School, Mrs L Murray, Head of Early Years
November 2014

“Here at Regents Place the children always look forward to Wednesday, as they know it is Teddy Tennis day. The children love participating in the activity and they love Josh Dawson who teaches. Josh is very child friendly and teaches the children very well.”

Rume, Kids Unlimited Regents Place Manager

Teddy Tennis has been a ‘smashing hit’ and the kids can’t get enough of it. The growth and progression of the kids is phenomenal! It gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction to see them move along with their skills and watch their enthusiasm. It is truly fantastic!

Mary Anne Duffus
Brooksfield School, Founder & Executive Director

Since we’ve had Teddy Tennis at my school, the difference that I’ve seen in my pupils, are that they are just so enthusiastic about sport in general. They can see their own skills developing, they love the arrival of Head Ted because they know they’re going to have fun; lots of music while they do their tennis skills, so they just love every minute of it.

Elizabeth Heath, Headmistress,
Ravenstone Preparatory School

What the experts say about Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis is a unique and innovative program that introduces children to the fundamentals of tennis.

The unique approach of combining music with motion creates an ideal learning environment for children of all ages and abilities to develop sound athletic and tennis skills.

A child could not receive a better start to tennis. Teddy Tennis is the best I have seen.

Peter D. McCraw

Peter McCraw

Peter D. McCraw is an expert in world-class athlete development. He founded the “CBD Model – Competitive Based Development for Tennis”. He is a coach educator, leading tennis researcher and world-renowned developmental coach.

I am a PTR and LTA qualified coach and have worked at the Richard Kraijcek tennis foundation in Holland for five years. I have seen lessons to some kids from Teddy Tennis and they all have good technique, good coordination and great tennis skills. Teddy Tennis has given them the basic foundation. It’s great!”

John Johnson Ogwuche, Tennis Coach

What the LTA / British Tennis says

We think it is a great idea for the 3 and 5 year olds to build a foundation of good all round athletic fundamentals with music and pictures to help the youngsters understand the learning experience of tennis, we wish them well in their venture

Roger Draper, Ex-CEO of the LTA

What the Cub Cadets say about Teddy Tennis

Daddy, I really like teddy tennis!

Levis Saunders (Aged 4),
just before he went to bed, Kensington, April 3rd 2009

I like Chloe Bear because she has a nice flower in her hair and I like hitting the ball with my friends. It is fun – can we go again now?

Cub Cadet Mariella Satow