Teddy Tennis Business Video

You may have also missed on our Home Page the latest Teddy Tennis video that focuses on the business benefits of running a Teddy Tennis programme.

If you are a coach, an entrepreneur or a business and you want to know more about the business benefits of Teddy Tennis, please click on the image below.

Teddy Tennis Business video on YouTube

Promotional Teddy Tennis Video

If you missed it from our home page, we have produced a short film which shows you what Teddy Tennis is all about; once you have seen it you will understand the secret of Teddy Tennis. Click on the image below.

Teddy Tennis video on YouTube

Alternative Promotional Teddy Tennis Video

We at Teddy Tennis are obviously very proud of the programme we have produced which is reflected in our promotional video; but we are delighted to say that other organisations are very positive about Teddy Tennis too. Check out this promotional video from Lux* Island Resorts, the first group of hotels in the world to offer Teddy Tennis to their clients

View the Lux* Island Resort Teddy Tennis video here (in English with French subtitles).

Practice Teddy Tennis at home with the animated Teddy Tennis DVD!

Let's Play Teddy Tennis DVD

A really exciting development at Teddy Tennis has been the release of our animated feature length DVD entitled “Let’s Play Teddy Tennis”.

Take a look at Teddy Tennis Tunnels, one of the exciting activities featured on the DVD.

The DVD is priced at £11.95 and is available from our e-shop but can also be ordered by calling 0845 643 1173 or +44 (0)1942 824 720.