Teddy Tennis Lessons

The Teddy Tennis lessons have been carefully created to cater for diverse skill and ability levels and are taught in different ‘Teddy Tennis teams’ (or classes).

There are 7 Teddy Tennis Teams to choose from, each named after a teddy bear at the Teddy Tennis Academy. The teams are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories and split again based on age: 3 to 4½ and 4½ to 6 year olds. The exception to the rule are the classes for the 2½ to 3 year olds – The Tiny Teddies Team, where all the attendees are classified as beginners.

Each Teddy Tennis Team has its own unique set of lesson plans that have been designed to match the age, ability and experience of the team members.

Teddy Tennis lessons comprise a fully programmed series of activities covering three specific skill development areas which are essential in learning to play Teddy Tennis, that are:

  • Movement skills
  • Racket skills
  • Ball skills
Movement Skills Icon Nov 104 version                Racket Skills Icon Nov 2014 version                  Ball Skills Icon Nov 2014 version

Each lesson is made up of 6 of these different Teddy Tennis Activities and have been created such that beginners lessons are simpler to do than the intermediate or advanced level lessons.

In every lesson there is a ‘Key’ activity, this activity is the main activity of the lesson. The Cub Cadets receive a sticker at the end of that lesson in recognition of completing the key activity.

Once a child has completed one set of lessons for a given Teddy Tennis Team, they then move onto the next Teddy Tennis Team and commence a new set of lessons.

Teddy Tennis Teams