Teddy Tennis Music

Teddy Tennis music has been specifically created to so as to appeal to the innate and totally uninhibited sense of rhythm that the vast majority of young children possess.

Rhythm and timing are key to successfully mastering tennis (and most other sports too!) so by combining music with exercise and games speeds up the learning process and makes it fun too!

Teddy Tennis music

All Teddy Tennis music has been written in-house; the rhythm of each song has been specifically created for each Teddy Tennis activity or exercise and the words of the music tell the Cub Cadets what to do. It’s a winning combination that works brilliantly.

The Teddy Tennis in-house band is called Head Ted & the Cub Cadets. Most Teddy Tennis music is available commercially. To-date Head Ted and the Cub Cadets have released two albums – “Red Paw Rhythms” and “It’s Teddy Tennis Time”. Sample downloads of the music are available from this site and the CDs will be available soon via the Teddy Tennis Shop.