Teddy Tennis Pictures

Pictures and images of the Cub Cadets bears playing Teddy Tennis at the Teddy Tennis Academy play a key role in all Teddy Tennis games and exercises.

Ball in the basket

Before starting an activity the Teddy Tennis Trainer (known as Head Ted) will show the Cub Cadets the relevant picture of the game they are about to play so they can see what they are supposed to do.

Head Ted then plays the music that will accompany the games so that the Cub Cadets can become familiar with the rhythm and words of the song. Once that is done they are ready to continue with the lesson.

This stimulation of both the visual and auditory senses together has a dramatic effect on the learning capability of the Cub Cadets and it is this combination that is the real secret of Teddy Tennis.

Danny Bear joins the Teddy Tennis Academy

Each of the 40+ pictures that we use in Teddy Tennis have all been incorporated into the Teddy Tennis Trainers Manual and Head Ted uses them in every lesson.

The whole Teddy Tennis scenario is wonderfully told and presented in the fully illustrated Teddy Tennis Story book “Danny Bear Joins The Teddy Tennis Academy, and it will soon be available from our Teddy Tennis shop.