Teddy Tennis Rewards

Teddy Tennis provides great rewards which further encourages the Cub Cadets to play even more Teddy Tennis.

When a Cub Cadet joins a new lesson group they are given a Cub Card. The Cub Card is used to collect Teddy Tennis Stickers; one sticker is awarded for every lesson the Cub Cadet attends.

Teddy Tennis Cub Cadet Card

Experience has shown that to many Cub Cadets, ‘Sticker Time’ is one of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of a Teddy Tennis lesson.

Cub Cadets can become familiar with the rhythm and words of the song. Once that is done they are ready to continue with the lesson.

From the offset the children know exactly what to do in each game and the songs encourage participation and bring a new dimension to the learning experience. The result is that children not enjoy playing Teddy Tennis, but it holds their attention span, it makes teaching the lessons easier, speeds up the learning process but above all makes the whole experience FUN so that they will want to come back for more and more……