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Head Ted

The Barnet ‘Head Ted’ is Janine Stitcher.

  • LTA registered coach
  • CRB enhanced disclosure
  • Fully insured
  • First aid certified

Janine is a registered coach and is an experienced tennis player who in an earlier life played competitively at team level in America and Switzerland and has represented Switzerland (her native country) at the Macabbi games on many occasions.

More recently she has moved to England where as well as being registered by the LTA she has had the more difficult coaching job of being the mother of 2 children now aged 6 and 8.


Teddy Tennis was a fantastic way to introduce my 3.5 yr old son to the sport. He absolutely loved it and learnt different skills by copying the moves of a range of teddy bear characters. Each week presented a different tennis move and related song that played on a background DVD that all the mums ended up singing to! He even received a reward sticker at the end of each lesson. I could see his confidence building over the weeks and his teacher Janine was great at practicing his hand and eye co-ordination skills with him. After just 10 weeks he could hit the racket several times with the ball, dribble the ball well and play nicely with the other kids. I would definitely recommend Teddy Tennis to any discerning parent.

Joanne Lappin (Happy mum)
October 2012