Venue Information

There will be three weeks of Teddy Tennis in August at THE LEYS school sport centre.

Please scroll down for details and booking, and refer to the section Using Online Booking in case of difficulty. Early booking recommended. 




Using online booking

Select the appropriate venue below (GREEN TABS) and choose the class corresponding to your child’s age (use the scroll down bar on the right of the frame). The class details can be found by clicking the info icon on the right of the class name.

Depending on the venue chosen, it may be possible to book individual days. Start the booking process and choose your days at the bottom of the registration page.

Any problem or enquiries, or to use a discount code, please contact us at or 0845 643 1173.

Online Booking

Class info

Unless otherwise stated, lessons last 50 min. Parents are advised to stay and watch (sorry, there’s no seats on the court but you are welcome to bring your own) .

Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before the start of the lesson, has had a snack and brings a bottle of water. Adequate clothing and weather protection is also strongly recommended.

Head Ted

Details coming soon.